What You Need To Know About Online Slots

Online casino slot games are known worldwide as a fun, cheerful and often rewarding pastime for millions of people who prefer playing casino games online, in contrast to their land-based representatives. This is mainly due to the fact that having access to the internet, allowing access to thousands and thousands of casino games at the click of a mouse is much more convenient than to trudge and trek, often for many a mile, to a decent land-based casino. And the substantial savings on petrol, superfluous snacks and exorbitant hotel fees are nothing to mock. For a player who is new to the whole online casino gaming experience, the proliferation and the size of the online casino games available across the expanses of the web today could make just the thought of having to choose and play casino games on the web an understandably daunting. And this is especially true if you’ve never played one of the casino games.

Online slot games are one of the easiest and most enjoyable casino genres you can play. Unlike games such as Poker, Blackjack or Baccarat, which require high skilled game experience to be played to be able to successfully play casino slot games does not involve a lot of intensive training, schooling or much experience. But, of course, a little knowledge never hurts. Many new online casino players tend to ask what is the best way to play online slot games in other words, what methods, tips and tricks can they use in order to ensure a winning streak every time? But this is not an objective sort of mentality to have, especially if you know a little bit more about what slot games are and how they work. There is no “best” way to play casino slot games, and there is no quick fix when it comes to landing a maximum jackpot prize. But, there are many ways, means and methods of understanding how slot games work, and how best to navigate through their ample and unique machinations in order to improve your overall gaming experience.

* What are online slots?

Online slot games are colorful, fast, and very popular reel spinning virtual internet games that emulate the look, feel and gameplay design of their iconic land-based slot machine counterparts the ones that you’ll find filling the halls of all the major casino establishment in the world. Regardless of what type of online casino slot game that you play, you will find that they all are designed according to the same principle: by definition, a slot game consists of a number of reels, a collection of symbols and a number of rows of paylines or specific combinations which the symbols could form on the reels in order to yield winning results.

Each slot machine has a prominent “Spin” button, which, when clicked, activates the reels to rotate directly in a rapid flicks of light and colour, until they eventually lose momentum and come to a complete stop. This determines which symbols will land where across the paylines. The jackpot winning results that you can achieve when you play casino slots games online are influenced by how many credits you are able to bet on the time, the real currency value of each credit wagered, and how many paylines you are able to bet on. The amount of paylines, symbols of the payline, the reels and bonus features also have a major impact on your results in each game. Bonus features such as Wild, Scatter and Bonus symbols, Free Spins awards, Multiplier awards on your wins, and second screen bonus games to add to the totality of your winning potential.

There are three main types of online slot games that you can play:

Reel Slots
– Video Slots
– AWP/ Pub Slots

1. Reel Slots

– Reel Slots are probably the most basic and simple slots that you can play. Often touted as “traditional” or “classic”- style slot games, Slots present players with the most stripped-down version of slot gaming that there is. In short, you are likely to find 3 reels, 1, 3, or 4 paylines, and a limited number of paylines symbols, usually 1 or 3. You will be presented with a Wild symbol, the slots equivalent of a Wild card, which pays out the maximum jackpot prize when occupying all three positions on the payline. It is a great way yo introduce yourself to the slot gaming genre and a great way to make a quick buck or two!

2. Video Slots

Perhaps the most popular subgenre of slot gaming on the web, Video Slots are all about abundance and ostentatious display. If you’re looking for a rake in the big cash prizes, then Video Slots are certainly the way to go. Characterized by their completely digitalized veneers, numerous fortunes and a wealth of bonus games to boot, these 5-reeled virtual spinning machines are defined by their proliferation of paylines, cornucopias of multiple winning symbol combinations and bonus features that instantly enhance your payline bottom line. You will see a veritable assault of special features that your every click closer to the maximum jackpot! These are:

* Free Spins
* Multiplications of your payline awards
* Scatter, Wild and Bonus symbols activate additional winning opportunities in the game, and:
* A multitude of second-screen and on-screen bonus features which not only improve your bank account, but give a whole new sense of depth and dimension to your game.

a Number of the most popular, most recognized and most played slots on the internet the Video Slot variety, and seeing as being able to play casino games like these gives you access to a plethora of wins-enhancing features like no other, it is easy to see why this special brand of online casino games has accrued so much praise and support.

3. Pub Slots/ AWP Games

A blend of classic reel slot and traditional British Pub fruit machine gaming produces the latest online casino gaming craze on the market: Pub Slots also known as Amusement with Prizes games. Pub Slots combine the basic elements of your classic Reel Slots game (e.g., 3 reels, 1 payline etc.), with new and innovative features that you won’t find at any other type of slot game. Things like trail games, mini-games, skill-stop games and a whole host of exciting functionalities that let you manipulate the reels in your favor. These include the Nudge and Hold features, which allow you to hold certain symbols in order to complete payline symbol combinations more successfully, or nudge the reels along in order the combination you want.

There is no “quick fix”, “10 easy steps” method to win at online casino games. But, with a little common sense and gaming knowledge is a great start for going far in your quest to improve your game. Keep in mind that the online slot games, just like their colleagues, working in accordance with a Random Number Generator system, so chance plays a major role in the kinds of results that you will get when you play.


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